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Salina case - ville e case nella perla verde delle isole Eolie
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In the late 60's we started to put up as our guests "pioneers" of tourism in salina. These tourists would discover a wonderful and wild island, where time seemed to have stopped. That was actually a sheer hospitality issue, far from mass tourism, and guests could really enjoy the local daily life, an uncontaminated nature and places where only few had access to. After 40 years many things have changed: the eolian islands have been claimed and recognized as human heritage, and salina is thoroughly and commonly acknowledged as one of the most beautiful island in the mediterranean sea. Salina has been discovered by the showbiz and its sea depth attracts hundreds of people; the marvellous fern mountain has become a natural reserve.
Only two very things have not changed: the island's wild charm, which has not lost its own identity, and our friendly hospitality, just the very same it used to be 40 years ago.
We are here, and we're waiting for you!


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