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Salina is located in the middle of the Aeolian Islands, situated in the North East of Sicily


By Boat

From milazzo :

Siremar ferry boats offer daily services. You can even carry your car on board. The crossing takes about 3 hours. 


Liberty Lines also offer daily hydrofoils. During summer there's a crossing every 45 minutes. There is generally no need to book your tickets upfront, unless during overcrowded periods such as middle august. The crossing takes about 1h30 hour.


From Reggio Calabria and Messina :

Liberty Lines offers daily hydrofoil services, all year long. Crossing are more frequent during summer and it takes about 2 hours.


From Napoli :

Siremar ferry boats offer crossings twice a week all year, and up to 6 a week during summer. The crossing usually takes place at night and takes about 14 hours. You can also carry your car on board. 

Snav hydrofoils offer crossings once or twice a day, but only in the summer time, It takes about 5hours.


From Palermo :

Liberty lines offer hydrofoils everyday in the summer time. In winter there are only 3 crossings a week.


By Air


From Reggio Calabria :

This is the nearest airport to aeolian islands. From the airport there's a bus to Messina in connection with the flights (by cavalieri company); from Messina you can take an Liberty Lines hydrofoil to Salina. Otherwise you may take a taxi up to Reggio Calabria port and from there a Liberty Lines hydrofoil to the island. Moreover, you may get a bus up to Messina, then to Milazzo (Giunta bus company) and hence the hydrofoil to Salina.


From Catania :

This is the biggest airport, it is 150 kms away from Milazzo. From April till October there's a direct bus to Milazzo once a day (Giunta bus company - bus shuttle). In winter there are busses up to Messina (s.a.i.s. Company) and then you can take either another bus (gGiunta bus company) or a taxi up to Milazzo, otherwise, once in Messina, you can get a Liberty Lines hydrofoil. But you may even book a taxi at a special price from Catania airport to Milazzo.


From Palermo :

Palermo airport is 220kms away from Milazzo. During summer you can get a taxi to the port and then a Liberty Lines hydrofoil to the island. Otherwise you can rent a car to get to Milazzo.


By car or train


You can embark your car to the islands only in Napoli with Siremar company and in Milazzo with Siremar Ferry. Napoli is about 500 kms away from Reggio Calabria/Villa San Giovanni. The free-way from Salerno to Reggio Calabria is toll-free. Crossing the channel is quick and it costs about 25 euros. Messina is 38 kms from Milazzo. We recommend to the people coming from Northern Italy (especially if you are driving) to embark from Napoli, as this would be a very convinient way. We advice the people travelling by train to get the hydrofoil from Reggio Calabria and, anyway, not to cross the strait of Messina by train.



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